Tony’s coaching has helped me immensely over the last 12 months. As well as providing a safe environment to let off steam, the sessions have enabled me clarify what I want to achieve both inside and outside of work and set me on the path to achieving this. This recently culminated with me taking an extended break over the summer with my family and now returning to work to begin a new and more interesting role. I’m very thankful for Tony’s help with this.
Through Tony’s coaching, I’ve become much better equipped to navigate a personal & professional transformation. Tony created a safe space for me to explore aspects of myself that I would have found difficult to explore on my own. This includes the way I behave and am perceived by others, my stress‐responses, my values & strengths, and much more.

Professionally, this has improved the way I build teams, manage work, and engage in conversations. This has had a direct impact on the success of the teams and clients I work with ‐ namely managing expectations, profitability and creating a positive working culture.

Personally, this has helped me improve relationships with my immediate family, and has contributed to some big life decisions including embarking on an Executive MBA.

I’d highly recommend Tony as a coach! He has a high degree of emotional intelligence, and is genuinely interested in helping others.
This has been my first experience of formal coaching. I started as a sceptic, wondering what I was going to get out it and being a little suspicious of what might have looked a little like therapy to an outsider like me.

It has, however, been a massively positive experience for me, and Tony has help me clarify a number of those issues that have caused me dissatisfaction for a number of years. The ‘fix forward’ orientation of coaching prevented me getting into the usual bought of circular thinking that is all about the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how do I do something different’. I feel I now have a toolkit for approaching issues that is based on how I work best (I have now identified that), and anchored in identified strengths and values. I occasionally, when stuck on something, find myself asking ‘what question would Tony pose at this point’.

If this was a TrustPilot review I would be giving coaching generally, and Tony in particular 5 stars. This is experience is going to stay with me for some time, and coaching is an approach to my personal development that I will come back to in the future.
Thank you again for taking the time out of your day for me - this situation has been causing me a great deal of stress and talking it through with yourself helps me to see things from a more rational point of view, pointing me in a better position going forward.

I was frozen by the panic around this situation, and didn’t know how to progress it forward. Having the outcomes of the session allowed me to tackle this one step at a time, and now having done these - I am one step closer to the outcome desired.
Finally admitting what I want has allowed me to take the next steps on my emerging journey
I had a fabulous coaching session (with Mr. Piper as coach, of course) yesterday. The outcome was surprising, simple and elegant …. and I would never have come up with it on my own …. HIGHLY recommended.
I found having someone who is completely removed from my situation and, even if they weren’t, still not commenting on it and making me think deeper incredibly helpful.

You think you discuss ‘your problem’ with your colleagues or peer group or family but in reality you argue and defend it and get caught up in that rather than really delve into the ‘whys’ and I needed Tony to facilitate with with myself because on my own I wasn’t able to not get distracted or defending it even to myself.

I think Tony is a brilliant coach and everyone could benefit from a session, even if ‘your problem’ is trivial it still slightly rewires your way of thinking about things which is a good thing.
Great to have a very quick (~10m) session. Helped me to get clarity on my approach to a difficult client conversation. Outcome of conversation was much better than expected. Went into discussions in confident frame of mind after coaching.