Trapped by Rewards

Have you ever been in a job that paid you really well, but was no longer fulfilling? And if you were, what happened next?

Did you find another role in the same organisation? Same role in another organisation?  Change your career?

Or did you get stuck? And if you got stuck, then what happened?

For 2019 I’m researching how we become trapped by rewards, how to know when it’s happened, how to stop it happening, and how to escape if it happens.

This often happens to high achievers. We find ourselves in roles that are highly rewarded but at some point our sense of fulfilment begins to dwindle. Perhaps we’ve drifted away from doing the very job we love (as we move into leadership). Perhaps we’re bored. Perhaps we’ve outgrown the organisation. Whatever the reason, this decreasing fulfilment begins to create a desire to change something.

What can stop us from changing something about our situation is the level of reward we’re receiving, or the promise of future rewards.

It might be difficult to find another role that pays as well, or even better. And if we’ve expanded our lifestyle to meet our level of reward (they’re called ‘trappings of success’ for good reason!) then it gets even more difficult.

The perceived size of the trap is determined by the gap between reward and fulfilment multiplied the length of time we’ve been aware of it. The longer the gap, the worse it is.

Feeling trapped will further decrease our sense of fulfilment (making the gap worse) and ultimately it will have an affect on our behaviour, mental health and overall well-being.

I’m researching all the ways in which we keep ourselves in the trap. And how we can escape.

If this has ever happened to you, or is happening right now, I’d love to talk to you, in confidence. Just grab some time in my diary.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. And I can help you.

Meanwhile, you can find some more resources below, and on the Trapped By Rewards Instagram page.