Get feedback from your peers

One of the things that often comes up in coaching sessions is feedback, or lack thereof. Organisations often have well-established appraisal processes that are designed to gather and pass on feedback but often the feedback is too little, too late. What if we could get our own feedback from people we work with, when we want it, and in a way that is constructive?

Somehow, we shy away from it, doubting that people will give us constructive feedback, either being too nice and sparing us from things they don't think we can handle or being over-critical. 

It turns out that Jonathan Raymond has formulated some simple questions that we can safely ask that enable us to understand how we can improve, not just identify what we need to improve.

For example, "What is one habit I have around communication that, if I broke, would make life easier for my teammates?". What a great question!

Find the rest of the questions in his blog post and try them for yourself.