How to protect yourself from negative energy in conversations

Want to stop yourself getting infected with negative energy during a conversation with another person who is angry or upset? Try this strange tip!

👉 Simply focus on keeping your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth as the other person speaks. 👈

You'll still be able to hear what they are saying but you will maintain your energy and state and not develop an emotional or energetic response to what they're saying.

I have no idea why it works. But it seems to.

Give it a try and see if it works for you too, and let me know in the comments what happened.

And please share this with anyone you know who has to listen to people like this. 🙏

PS Unlike this beautiful cat, you can keep your tongue inside your mouth, unless the other person is saying something totally ridiculous. If they are, poking your tongue out *might* be your best response. 😛